The Session Series

Healing Sessions
A holistic approach to mental health and healing through grief and trauma informed practices.
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Growth Sessions
Purpose driven growth + personal development.
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The Session Series is a holistic wellness practice focused on providing individual and group coaching to build sustainable lifestyle practices and habits through community and connection. 
Our programming applies a modern grief and trauma informed approach to all of our Sessions through a number of traditional therapeutic methods, somatic practices, and personal development frameworks.  Our goal is to strengthen our client and community’s own purpose-driven personal development, beyond the limitations of traditional licensed psychotherapies. 

Session Breakdown

Healing Sessions
Our healing sessions integrate a variety of grief and trauma informed therapeutic and somatic practices with practical tools for personal healing and self care. We work directly with each client to build better connection with themselves and to build resilience and coping strategies for self-regulation, healing and growth.
Approaches integrate grief and trauma informed therapeutic methods, Parts work (ISF), Somatic practices, Reiki / Energy healing and practical physical and mental space organization techniques to create safe and healthy healing environments that our clients can thrive in.
Growth Sessions
Our Growth Sessions focus on identifying and building personalized life development plans for a greater sense of purpose and connection in each step of  goal achievement and career growth. Think executive coaching meets transpersonal psychology to ensure that you’re living your best life.
These individual sessions and group modules build upon the connection to self,  leveraging a number of exploratory approaches to align personal development and growth plans with clear and  actionable steps to achieve personal goals in life, career, and wellness.
Embodiment Sessions
Our Embodiment sessions incorporate different approaches to use the body and body awareness as an integrated tool for healing and fulsome living. Our programs are focused on bringing together our healing and growth practices with movement and the physical body to strengthen that conscious connection to Self and our physical bodies.  
This connection to and within our bodies is how we develop and strengthen self-awareness, connection, self-regulation, stillness and our inner knowing to help us move through our lives with stronger grounding and purpose.

NOTE: The Sessions Series is not intended to replace traditional psychotherapies, but rather we aim to compliment and connect to any focused work you are already doing with a licensed practitioner to help you create the sustainable routines and community with similar lived experience or personal growth goals.