The Session Series

Individual + Partner Sessions
Individualized and holistic wellness Sessions for personalized healing, growth + embodiment. We focus on integrating mental, energetic, and physical health through grief and trauma informed somatic practices, sustainable growth strategies and embodiment coaching.
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Programs & Workshops
Virtual & In-person group offerings are geared towards building community. While individualized sessions can be pivotal for foundational work, the power of healing and growth through shared experiences and connection can be critical to reach the next levels.
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Virtual Courses
In addition to our virtual (live) group programs, we also offer virtual courses for self-paced work. These virtual learning modules are designed to support personal education, growth, and routine development, on your own time.
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Team Building & Development
We love building upon our Growth Sessions to support partners and teams in building shared purpose, collaborative identity and engaging cultures of belonging. We leverage resources and exercises geared towards building resilience and connection for higher functioning and inclusive teams.
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We are excited to be launching our Podcast Series: COMING SOON.
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Retreats & Immersions
We are excited to offer on and off-site retreats and immersion programs. These offerings will be limited in number, and in capacity, and will rotate through different focus sessions and partner practitioners to deliver unique and powerful experiences.
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The Session Series is a holistic wellness and therapeutic lifestyle practice.  We provide personalized individual and group programs focused on integrative healing therapies, personal growth, and embodiment practices. Each focus area introduces an integrated approach to holistic wellness, working with clients to understand their own mind-body connection and cooperatively developing tools and skills to develop personalized coping skills, resilience, and sustainable lifestyle habits suited to their goals and needs.
Healing Sessions

Our healing sessions integrate a variety of grief and trauma informed therapeutic and somatic practices with practical tools for personal healing and self care. We use and offer practical tools and resources to help clients connect to themselves, build resilience and coping strategies for self-regulation, healing and growth.

Approaches integrate grief and trauma informed therapeutic methods, Parts work (ISF), Somatic practices, Reiki / Energy healing and integrated life-force focused tools and resources.
Areas of focus & specialty: 
  • Trauma Informed therapies
  • Reiki / Energy Healing
  • Somatic Therapies & practices
  • Grief Counseling: Death & Loss
  • Divorce / Relational Grief
  • Healing from a Narcissistic relationship
  • Healing from Trauma Bonding
  • Disordered eating / body image
Growth Sessions
Our Growth Sessions focus on identifying and developing personalized development plans for a greater sense of purpose and connection in life and career pathways. Think executive coaching meets transpersonal psychology. 
These sessions build upon the connection to self,  leveraging a number of exploratory approaches to align personal development and growth plans with actionable steps to deepen the sense of fulfillment in our lives and life’s work. 
Areas of focus & specialty: 
  • Leadership development
  • Career change / planning
  • Personal Identity & branding
  • Business Coaching & Therapy 
  • Intentional living 
  • Mindset & metaphysical coaching
  • Individuation / Jungian methods
  • Inclusive leader training
Embodiment Sessions
Our Embodiment sessions integrate a number of approaches to create conscious connection between mental and emotional energies and the physical body. Our programs are focused developing sustainable practices and habits to support self-regulation and intuitive connection. 
This connection between the body and self is critical for developing stronger grounding and coping skills during experiences of anxiety or nervous system dysregulation; a key integration for any disordered eating or physical trauma recovery.  
Areas of focus & specialty: 
  • Self-healing & regulation practices
  • Coping & resilience methods
  • Integrated movement 
  • Intuitive eating 
  • Transpersonal integration
  • Physical Wellness & movement
  • Mind-body integration
  • Embodied Activism 

Note: We are not intended to replace traditional psychotherapies, rather we aim to compliment and connect to any focused work you are already doing, and help you create the sustained routines and community with similar lived experience and personal growth journeys to foster fully connected and conscious living.