The Session Series

Session Breakdown: Embodiment Sessions

What is Embodiment? 

Embodiment means how we are – our manner of being. The context through which we feel, think, see the world, relate and take action both individually and collectively.

Awareness of subjective felt sense of the body, rather than medical science that studies the body outside in, embodiment is inside out.

  • Awareness, attention, intention, posture, movement and breathing are the major tools of embodiment.
  • Understanding how our cells are constructed, our history is in our bodies, and what we’re capable of in the future; it’s awareness in and AS a body, not just of a body.
  • Awareness brings choice; rather than being victims of our habitual modes, we can choose how we respond and relate.
  • Layers of embodiment; shows up different relationally, where we are and what we’re doing
  • Personality; set of habitual patterns, longer term level of embodiment, more fully
  • Cultural: heritage, where we’re from and how we’ve experienced
Our Embodiment sessions incorporate different approaches to use the body and body awareness as an integrated tool for healing and growth.  Programs are focused on bringing mindfulness together with movement and connection to the present moment through consciousness practices.   This connection to and within our bodies is how we develop and strengthen self-awareness, connection, self-regulation, stillness and our inner knowing to help us move through our lives with stronger grounding and purpose, actionable growth, resiliency, and overall presence.
What you can expect: 
  • Integrated Somatic practices
  • Holistic Wellness resources and education
  • Self-regulation methods & tools
  • Integrated and balanced nutritional and movement plans and education
  • Accountability partners and programs
  • Sustainable and balanced personal lifestyle routines and habits
  • Purposeful & conscious living

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